Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cranberry juice can prevent urinary tract infections in women

Well, this was a nice surprise!  I love cranberry juice.  I mean really, really love it.  Even ruined a keyboard during a summer internship back in college by spilling a bottle of it all over.

So how lovely to learn that my favorite non-alcoholic beverage (and favorite to add alcohol to) is good for me!  Seems that drinking cranberry juice reduces a woman's chances of getting yeast infections (yuck) and urinary tract infections!

How totally awesome and rad and just win is that?  Maybe that has to do with why I have never had a yeast infection or urinary tract infection even though I'm 24 and I have friends who get them every few months.

So drink up ladies!  How often do you hear that something so delicious and refreshing is good for your health?  I'm seriously so excited about this that I'm gonna drive to the store now and get some Ocean Spray!

Now if only I could discover some obscure, little known miracle health benefit to eating Twizzlers, I would be all set!